TM Watcher Android app

TM Watcher for Watcher checks auctions in your Trademe watchlist to see when any of their attributes change, then notify the user. This includes attributes like bid price, end date.--I've put alot more polish into this than ODW, it feels good. I figured out how to have it run something at boot, which has the effect of greatly simplifying the user controls improving the user experience, compared to that of ODW....

November 14, 2010 · 1 min · Stephen Nancekivell

One Day Watcher Android app

I finished/published version 1.0 of my first android app today. One Day Watcher.This app automatically checks for you, so you dont have to. It checks for keywords that you set, and gives you notification with the results.Check it out at search for it on the Android Market.It'll be interesting to see if many people find it useful.

October 8, 2010 · 1 min · Stephen Nancekivell

How to restore your nexus one with the original shipping roms then update to 2.2.1

This will remove everything off your device, except stuff on the sd-card. I take no responsibility if you somehow brick the it ;). You will end up running 2.2.1 unrooted. This was written for the at&t nexus one. Im not sure if there are any differences for the other one. You should be able to give this a go, and if the radio doesnt work with this stuff, you can always find the right stuff and re flash it....

September 28, 2010 · 2 min · Stephen Nancekivell