One day I want to start a online business, to sell some software as a service or something. Im not sure what yet, but when I do I'll need to do some marketing. I've never really done that.

You cant have a business without customers, you cant have customers without marketing.

So I decided to try testing a simple marketing strategy, Adwords. I put up a simple website, a fake online store that sold nuts, an existing market, something I knew people already wanted. It might be easy to penetrate this market. Of course I didn't actually have any almonds or walnuts to sell, the website just led through a fake checkout then to a "out of stock" page. I bought Adwords and watched the analytics in hope.

From this experiment I've learnt that marketing is hard, Adwords are expensive, click through drop off rates are brutal. Its dawned on me is that I want to be better at design. If I were to really make a business, I would want the website design to be top notch, attractive, with current style.

I know that when I compare products I'm very judgemental about the design of the landing page. I'll assume that because a website 'looks good' the product must be good. Other people must be the same.

Im now doing an online design course by teamtreehouse. Im not sure how much a better design would give me better click throughs, but I know I want it.