I've been noticing some strange behaviour on my Ubuntu laptop lately. In Google Chrome I get logged out whenever I close the browser, even though set it to remember me. I've also seen a lot of these log messages from eCryptfs which encrypts my home directory.

Apr 14 10:29:41 stephen-ThinkPad-T520 kernel: [170037.012495] Valid eCryptfs headers not found in file header region or xattr region, inode 524280
Apr 14 10:29:41 stephen-ThinkPad-T520 kernel: [170037.012497] Either the lower file is not in a valid eCryptfs format, or the key could not be retrieved. Plaintext passthrough mode is not enabled; returning -EIO

I was concerned by these file system errors so did some digging and found the problem files by using "find -inum 524280". I found most of the files where to do with chrome, including chrome's local cookie store. This must have been why I was getting logged out. Seeing as these are temporary files I decided to delete them, chrome will re create them, and hopefully the new ones wont get corrupt or have any trouble with eCrypt again.

Here is the script I used to search for all of the corrupt files.

grep "Valid eCryptfs headers not found" /var/log/syslog | cut -b 140- > filestocheck

for i in $( cat filestocheck ); do find /home/stephen -inum $i -print; done | sort