Well i did it again, i made another android app. Check it out in the market "Bike Pics Wallpaper".
I should probably come up with better names :( oh well, no surprises as to what it does. It gets a wallpaper from bikepics.com and automatically sets it as the phone wallpaper. Should be kinda fun. I'm hoping that because motorbikes are cool all over the world this will be more popular than my other apps :)
I timed how long it took me to code, 10.5 hours to version 1.0, i wasnt rushing or anything. It sure feels like a lot less time than i spent on my other apps.
I found the WallpaperManager does something very annoying if i try to give it too big a picture. My code executes fine without error but then the WallpaperManager as a different process throws some sort of memory error and sets the default wallpaper. I couldn't find any easy way to detect if this has happened. The thing isnt running out of ram or anything. The picture was less that 1mb, although i suppose thats compressed. Im thinking on bigger displays It might work. I did have the option to choose that bigger picture in the hope that it might work for someone, but i've decided its best to leave it out.